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The D.W. Engineers is the supplier in custom engineered converting machines and components for coating, lacquering, laminating and drying of web-like materials as paper, Cloth, Glass Cloth, film and foils. In any case these machines work from reel to reel and produce a variety of intermediate products for the following main products:

Flexible Packaging Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Labels
Silicon Paper Special Laminates
UV-Curable Products PSA Tapes
Décor Paper Lacquered Coating
Varnish Coating Protection Films
Blister Packaging Epoxy Resin Coatings
Maica Tape Electrical Grade Tape
Glass Cloth Tape Nomax Paper

D.W. ENIGNEERS are into development and manufacture of customized coating and laminating equipment since 2001. The company maintains this strength today through the creativity of its staff and their passion for exceeding a closer look at the systems and solutions that can maximize your productivity and coating and laminating quality and customers’ specific requirements.

Converting machinery for superb product quality and long service life. D W Engineers have over 25 years of experience in developing and building complete systems to meet a wide variety of customer requirements The Company combines its traditional expertise with innovation to meet demanding technical challenges.